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New Beginning

The 21st of December marks the Winter Solstice, which is the end ..and the beginning.

2022 has been an absolutely explosive year. We were approached by a new and truly wonderful P.R Firm to help us in our expansion .

We couldn't have achieved this without you - the people. Thank you ! At QuantumHypnoTM we are getting ready for another new beginning. We are planning to go 100% private to be fully there for the people .

Also , we are working on new advertisements as creativity is sparked and guided and also to reflect the experiences of myself and all of our highly valued clients.

As a reflection also we would like to invite you to vote for your favourite advert of 2022.

  1. One minute advert on David Icke

2. Three Minute extended promotional video

3. Escape the Matrix

4. 'The Matrix' Teaser

5. 'Do you want to be addicted to love ?' Out-take with a twinkle.

6. Terminator Ally

7. Beach Force

8. Healing

We at QuantumHypnoTM thank you very much for your support in 2022 and we are looking very much forward to 2023. Best wishes, Sarah

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