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Even More Testimonials

Testimonial from Elaine H.

On meeting Sarah I totally felt that I could trust her with my mental health issues.

We firstly spoke about stress and Anxiety to which I am suffering with at the moment.

During my treatment I was totally relaxed but still felt very present .

The tools in which Sarah has taught me to use are working extremely well in trigger situations.

I am truly grateful for this amazing experience and would certainly highly recommended Sarah as a Therapist.

Testimonial from James W.

I came to see Sarah having broken my neck and on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery. I wanted to play football with my son but was unable to do so due to chronic pain.

I was prescribed medications for pain relief which were not working.

Since the session with Sarah I have never needed to take pain killers again - and also will no longer need knee replacement surgery.

Testimonial from Sarah Power

Thank you so much for my session. You came into my home and reassured me of my nervousness about the session, made me feel at ease and excited to have it done.


Once it was over with you answered all my questions about what happened. It was nice not to feel rushed afterwards, also to have a good talk!! You felt like a friend and that was lovely. Would highly recommend and best wishes x

Testimonial from Lizzie B.

The experience with Sarah was great, from start to finish! Sarah makes you feel welcome, comfortable and at ease straightaway. I found the session very relaxing and went into it with an open mind.


When the hypnosis started I found it very relaxing and was very amazed and surprised with the outcome. I found it very empowering afterwards and also felt stronger in my decision making. Sarah healed my hip through hypnosis, I had been experiencing discomfort and it was dislocated. Since then I have had no issues with it at all. Thank you Sarah for helping me feel like a stronger person!

Best regards, Lizzie

Testimonial from Laura C.

Sarah came to my home to perform quantum healing.  She was very personable, respectful and very knowledgeable about hypnotherapy.  I also found her to be very professional.   I felt so good after the session.  I would definitely recommend her to anybody who needs healing, for whatever reason.


Laura C., suffering from cancer

Testimonial from Justin B.

I went to see Sarah because I wanted to quit smoking. I'd been smoking for many years and would get really cranky without them. But this time round quitting was a lot easier. I did not feel cranky. I don't feel the need to smoke, even when I'm really stressed out. 
I stopped smoking about 2 days after the visit to Sarah. She made a suggestion that I would taste liquorice every time I would smoke a cigarette (I hate liquorice). In fact it did not taste like liquorice but it did taste odd and I have never smoked since.

I have had moments when I wanted to smoke but the resolve not to do so has been stronger.   Thank you, Sarah ! 

Testimonial from Sharon S.

Dear Sarah,
I am very grateful that I met you and  that you listened to the story of my life. As I left your home I felt tired but calm. Today I had a fabulous morning, still eating a lot, but not as much before the session took place. The difference is that I am a lot more conscious now. 
Something has changed. I don't know what yet, but there's been a change. I don't know how to thank you.

Much love xx, Sharon S.

Testimonial from James D.

My Dear Sarah,

I had a terrific experience with you. I wanted to see how I felt a few days after the therapy. I feel great! The knee is better. Actually it feels like the knee healed far better than ever before. The constant eating has continued, but I am happy as I am actually losing weight naturally! That was clearly the subliminal messages you conveyed. Spending time with you was fantastic as you are such a beautiful human being who made me feel like I was important. I trust you and I think what you do is helping people who really have no idea what life is about.

Much light and peace, James

Testimonial from Per B.

I saw Sara as part of my cancer treatment and felt great benefit from it. I believe there is a link between your mental state and physical wellness. I had a lovely conversation with Sara and it was great to hear about the holistic approach to healing where being kind to yourself through breathing techniques and relaxation plays an important part. The hypnotherapy was lovely and relaxing and I felt my worries disappear. I also felt a sense of healing during the session which is hard to explain.

(Public Google Review)

Testimonial from Samantha E.

Had the honour of meeting Sarah today professionally for QHHT session. What can I say I'm speechless. What a talented and beautiful soul. Throughout the session I felt calm and protected. Sarah has a natural gift , to attune with her client on a psychic level. Im blown away with the information that over flowed from our session. Time went too quick. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift with me, I feel blessed to have experienced such a profound deep knowledge of wisdom. So many dots connected, and slot unanswered questions altogether nicely. Keep shining, bright light, and I know I will see you again soon my friend x


(Public Google Review)

Video Testimonial from Angelina D.

Above a short video testimonial by Angelina following a 4 hour Beyond Quantum Healing session.

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