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Testimonial from Eric Thompson
Subtle Energy Therapy Technology

4 January 2022

Dear Sarah,

Our session together was a real pleasure, and I sincerely appreciate your work. I took a nap after our session and felt like I had done some pretty heavy work. I conducted some technological research today to see how the session affected me, and the feedback I received was very positive and affirmative.


So thank you again for the work you do. I look forward to new changes.

(Physical proof quantum healing hypnosis is very effective- SJS ).

Testimonial from F.K
22 December 2021

"After a series of emotionally disastrous events a few years ago, I had
been suffering from general anxiety and overgeneralized disgust
(stomach/liver symptoms), directing my anger towards people who played
no role in the narcissistic abuse and emotional neglect that I had been
experiencing. Then I was lucky enough to find Sarah's offer. After a
phone consultation in order to get to know her attitude, I had a session
with her a few days before writing these words. Although I am someone
who cannot easily brought to calm (or to abandon control), she led me
into a deeply relaxed mode that allowed me to regain one of my two lost
parts and to talk with great joy of my true self. Indeed I had never
lost the part that I was previously told to abandon to the benefit of my
abusers. Namely: love and joy. Being exposed to a series of negative
life experiences had overridden my capacity to love myself, thus, other
human beings. Now, of course, I have work ahead. I would not have been
able to do the work without experiencing the instant release of anger in
the session. My physical symptoms such as stomach and liver pain, and
inappropriate breathing, etc., were caused by my psyche. Just a little
advice, from my point of view, that may help you to make the most of a
hypnotherapy session: Do not expect anyone to fix you; instead take a
few weeks to prepare for what you desire in yourself and allow Sarah
unconditionally to guide you there. She has a brilliant capability to
"read your woes" and to subsequently guide you straight to what you want
in yourself. Allow her to capacitate the initial spark that you require
to get going again on the path of life that you were born to live. Just
trust Sarah and then, of course, yourself. Side note: Currently there
are forces acting upon humankind that want us to leave the nature that
God gave to all of us. We will win! Our hearts will win! Sarah helped me
to ground my feet and find direction again."

Testimonial from Reem S.
17 November 2021

I had the most incredible experience with Sarah and have recommended her to several of my friends already, one of whom has also now had a session. Sarah’s manner is just beautiful. She took the time to understand my human experiences and my motivations for the session before we began and I felt safe the entire time and afterwards. Energy is not stagnant so investing in a QHHT session with Sarah, unbeknownst to me at the time, is the gift that keeps on giving. Do not hesitate to call Sarah and begin your journey home to yourself. She will not disappoint you.

(Public Google Review)

Testimonial from Everything Marvel
9 March  2022

Sarah facilitated a QHHT session for me . It was very enjoyable , relaxing and I received healing and answers to the questions I had been seeking. I would highly recommend QuantumHypno to anybody.

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Testimonial from Maximo
9 March  2022

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone but especially to those people who are in genuine search and keep asking themselves the "big" questions in life. Sarah is extremely caring and knowledgeable. The session itself is very pleasant and enjoyable. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way of addressing all sorts of issues and it offers profound, permanent healing.

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Testimonial from Jasmine
7 March  2022

Absolutely amazing. I did not know what to expect and I was nervous it wouldn't work due to my abnormally active brain. Sarah was great and managed me so well despite my concern of it not working. She was welcoming and handled the whole session beautifully. I would 100% recommend having Quantum Healing with Sarah. I found out some very interesting stuff I was not aware of and heard information that I needed to hear which will change my life for the better. Thank you Sarah!

( Public Google Review )

Testimonial from Shannon
5 March  2022

Absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. I did not know what to expect and I was nervous it wouldn't work due to my fears. However, I cannot express in words how grateful I am.

Testimonial from The Vanabond
3 March  2022

Such a lovely person! So glad I had a session, got some answers and feel empowered!

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Testimonial from Damith
22 February 2022

If you’re looking to find answers aligned with your purpose then what better way than to connect with your higher self. Sarah was a delight to work with where she was very informative with the process where she brought a safe space to help fine tune all the questions I was curious to learn about with this process. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to looking for answers to deep questions on a spiritual level! Remember to set out your intention for what you’re looking to get from your session as well to help maximize your experience. Highly recommend that you do this at least once in your life. It’ll give you clarity for what’s yet to come. Your future-self will thank you for it 💯

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Testimonial from Of Source It Is
22 February 2022

I had a very beautiful session of QHHT with Sarah. When we first talked it was if I had known her already. Sarah is very empathic and puts you at ease, she is an excellent listener and gives you space to explain what you hope to achieve. I am on my own personnel journey of awakening and now feel more connected to my soul thanks to Sarah. At the start of the session I had a very emotional release which was much needed, through the session I felt my spiritual team were healing me, the emotions buried inside me needed to come up to the surface. I received deep realisations from my experience with her help. With regards to body healing, my addictions are not gone, but I have the feeling/impression I am in control now and will carry out the necessary work. I achieved what I had intended thanks to Sarah. Much love Graham

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Testimonial from Maria P
19  February 2022

Sarah is kind, loving and professional. She is here in order to help a lot of people :) The session was a wonderful experience with deep insights and powerful healing! My shoulder pain went away after the session, it was amazing!


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Testimonial from Trevor D.
3 December 2022

Dear Sarah
The 4hr Q H H T Session I experienced with you was truly life changing for all the right reasons.
I came with an open but troubled mind that was stopping me and my heart taking its true path to consciousness.
All the way through the session you helped and guided me through the many reasons my mind had stopped me on my journey.
We went through all the problems and worked our way to a position of heart and mind balance, That I can build on for better health and peace of mind.
The path to consciousness is now clear for me to take, Thanks to your healing of my soul.
Your gift is a light that is now in me.

With love and light, T x

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Testimonial from Carol E.
15 November 2021

I had a wonderful session with Sarah. Because she's so easy to speak to, I was able to relax immediately and receive the healing I was hoping for. She has a very powerful gift.

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Testimonial from Lee B.
21 August 2021

Sarah is lovely, completely at ease from the outset. I came seeking answers I found many and the peace it brought within me knowing all along I was right but did not know what i was right about. You may not find everything you are searching for but you will find the right path.


Come with an open heart.


On a negative side it was only for six hours :)


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