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Mark Devlin Review Google:

"Where other hypnosis practitioners have failed with me, Sarah managed to get me into deep relaxation state and to access the insights coming from the right hemisphere of the brain, shutting out a lot of the egoic chatter from the left. I experienced some profound revelations."

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique? 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is the name for the in person sessions and it is a healing modality which was developed by Dolores Cannon. Online sessions have a huge success rate (See Google reviews and Trustpilot ) . Choosing a session type depends on the client’s comfort zone and geographic location. This therapy is a combination of hypnosis and past life regression to access and explore the Superconscious or Higher Self. It is ideal for facilitating healing, spiritual growth and finding answers to any question you can think of.

Quantum Hypno will be facilitating and guiding you into a deep state of relaxation called Theta .This is the deepest state of trance. It is an altered state of consciousness whereby the Superconscious can be accessed which holds information about past lives, current life issues, higher realms of consciousness , altered states of awareness and even other dimensions.

This is an overview of how the session will proceed :

  1. Interview or Pre-hypnosis talk : Sarah gets to know you and will listen to the most relevant key points in your life that brought you to the place you are currently in in order to understand your reasons for seeking help 

  2. Induction Script : Sarah very gently guides you into a deep state of relaxation and trance using the soothing tones of her voice , words , images and visualisations.

  3. The voyage of discovery : After we explore a past life / childhood/ a future life or other worldly experiences ( wherever you are being led by the Higher Self ) and when you are in a deep trance, we can begin to communicate with your Higher Self or Superconscious. This allows us to access information about your current life challenges by exploring how those lives are connected to and perhaps impacting this current life. You will also receive advice from your H/S , spiritual beings or beings of light .It is then that physical and emotional healing commences.

  4. Bringing you back to awareness : After the answers and healing are attained and finished , Sarah will guide you back to a state of full awareness . She will also go through grounding with you .Sarah will then go over the answers as many clients don’t always remember so she can help you to  integrate what you have experienced . This helps you to  process insights and answers from the session and integrate them into your daily life to effect change.

Quantum Healing is renowned for providing the deepest , simplest and definitely most genius insights, healing, and miraculous transformation. A particular outcome is never guaranteed . The possibilities and probabilities are endless. Sarah is the facilitator of the session, she does not do the healing.You are always responsible for your own journey. That way , you cannot give away your limitless power!

Note : Theta is a completely natural state which we experience before we awaken in the morning and also just before we fall asleep.

A client can also gain access to experiences of past lives they have lived. We have discovered there is an infinite source of knowledge and healing that occurs in this state. This is a totally natural part of ourselves that is always present and exists just below our conscious mind.


The Superconscious / Higher Self and Direct Contact with E.T's !

We are communicating with a portion of the individuals consciousness, however it lies far above the level of their conscious mind.

Some fascinating changes occur in the client and in the room when the Superconscious is allowed to come to the surface.

A rise in energy can be felt in the room and people describe feelings of intense happiness and often euphoria.

Many describe experiencing a feeling of immense power and immense love.

The Subconscious knows everything about you and your life. 

Many clients have reported direct contact with E.T. Beings ! Please see Google and Trustpilot Reviews !

Write a list of questions and Sarah will go through the questions with them to make sure she understands what you want to achieve.

The Main Goal

The main goal of QHHT is to improve the life of our clients. The explanations given by the subconscious as to why people experience illness will challenge many people’s belief system. It is always advisable to be open minded and to stretch our belief systems. Many long held medical or scientific belief systems are beginning to fall away and are being replaced by new ideas , challenging the way we think.


Due to the many advances in Quantum Physics there is a strong body of scientific evidence which proves that thought has a direct effect on physical matter. Also, I refer to the Placebo Effect which has proven that “Mind over Matter “ really does exist .


The goal of QHHT is not to try to convince you of anything you are not ready to accept or to persuade you to reject something else that you believe in.  But more so to give you a better idea of how QHHT works.


Physical issues in the body :

The subconscious can identify any physical issues in the body. It can also explain them to the practitioner.

The subconscious is then asked whether healing is suitable and can occur. If the answer is yes , then healing can occur without any medical intervention or surgery.

It is important to note that healing can only occur if the individual wants it and it does not interfere with their life goals.


Illnesses / Issues with the body we can look at :

  • Damaged kidneys

  • Diabetes

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Flesh wounds and scarring

  • Heart conditions

  • Knee cartilage

  • Liver issues

  • Back issues

  • Lung issues

  • Migraines explained and root causes

  • Menstruation Issues

  • Neck and shoulder pains removed

  • Safe in pregnancy

  • Skin issues

  • Stomach issues

  • Substance Abuse

  • Trauma

  • Vaccine Injury

  • Vision issues


Sarah is a qualified Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist and has qualifications with two different bodies - Beyond Quantum Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.
Especially over the last 5 years, she has evolved the techniques to a new QuantumHypno level and found a way that works both online and in person.

She is clairvoyant and clairaudient which makes it easier to connect with the clients needs before the session.

Sarah is an activist and also a screenplay writer and film maker . Her latest film- "Escape The Matrix" has been officially selected by the Roma and Tokyo Short Film Festivals.

Sarah has worked with Actors , Authors , Bankers , CEO's , Celebrities , Doctors , Surgeons , Olympic Medallists , Musicians Public Figures , Inventors of Technology, Former Military , Real Estate Professionals , Royal Marine Commandos and Royalty Protection using this technique .

About Sarah Jane Smith


Sarah and David at the Ickonic Studios  2022 

Sarah and Dr Mike Yeadon May 2023

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Sarah Jane Smith & Mark Devlin


Sarah With Dawn Lester & David Parker. Authors Of The Best Seller: What Really Makes You Ill

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 Sarah with Gareth Icke backstage at the London Rally 2022.

 Sarah interviewed by Richard Vobes August 2023.


 Sarah with Zachary Denman - working on her first short film.

My first short film this year.I hope you enjoy it!

Backstage London Rally
Sep 22 


The wonderful Canadian Chris Sky in Dublin 2022

Stuart Zender of Jamiroquai, at the clinic , 2023

"If the body is strong so shall the soul be .
If the soul is strong so shall the body be ."

Sarah Jane Smith © 2023

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