About Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

"If I could bottle belief and charge 50c a bottle ..  I'd be a billionaire overnight ."

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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique? 

The technique involves putting the client into the deepest state of trance - Theta.

This is a completely natural state which we experience before we awaken in the morning and also just before we fall asleep.

A client can also gain access to experiences of past lives they have lived. We have discovered there is an infinite source of knowledge and healing that occurs in this state. This is a totally natural part of ourselves that is always present and exists just below our conscious mind.


The Subconscious / Higher Self

The subconscious or higher self gives the individual access to the past lives and can perform instantaneous healing, if it is appropriate.

The Subconscious that we work with is actually the polar opposite to the subconscious referred to by psychologists and medical professionals. We are communicating with a portion of the individuals consciousness, however it lies far above the level of their conscious mind.

Some fascinating changes occur in the client and in the room when the Subconscious is allowed to come to the surface.

A rise in energy can be felt in the room and people describe feelings of intense happiness and often euphoria.

Many describe experiencing a feeling of immense power and immense love.

The Subconscious knows everything about the client and their life. 

I ask the client for a list of questions and I go through the questions with them to make sure I understand their goals and aims.

The Main Goal

 The main goal of QHHT is to improve the life of our clients. The explanations given by the subconscious as to why people experience illness will challenge many people’s belief system. It is always advisable to be open minded and to stretch our belief systems. Many long held medical or scientific belief systems are beginning to fall away and are being replaced by new ideas , challenging the way we think.


Due to the many advances in Quantum Physics there is a strong body of scientific evidence which proves that thought has a direct effect on physical matter. Also, I refer to the Placebo Effect which has proven that “Mind over Matter “ really does exist .


The goal of QHHT is not to try to convince you of anything you are not ready to accept or to persuade you to reject something else that you believe in.  But more so to give you a better idea of how QHHT works.


Physical issues in the body :

The subconscious can identify any physical issues in the body. It can also explain them to the practitioner.

The subconscious is then asked whether healing is suitable and can occur. If the answer is yes , then healing can occur without any medical intervention or surgery.

It is important to note that healing can only occur if the individual wants it and it does not interfere with their life goals.


Illnesses / Issues with the body we can look at :

  • Damaged kidneys

  • Diabetes

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Flesh wounds and scarring

  • Heart conditions

  • Knee cartilage

  • Liver issues

  • Lower/ middle back issues

  • Lung issues

  • Migraines explained and root causes

  • Menstruation Issues

  • Neck and shoulder pains removed

  • Skin issues

  • Stomach issues

  • Substance Abuse

  • Vaccines

  • Vision issues


Sarah is a qualified Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist and has qualifications with two different bodies. Beyond Quantum Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.
Especially over the last 4 years, she has evolved the techniques to a new QuantumHypno level and found a way that works both online and in person.

She is clairvoyant and clairaudient which makes it easier to connect with the clients needs before the session.

Sarah has worked with Doctors , Surgeons , Olympic Medallists , Public Figures , Inventors of Technology, Former Military , Royal Marine Commandos , Royal Protection , Actors and Authors - Using this technique .


About Sarah Jane Smith

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"If the body is strong so shall the soul be .
If the soul is strong so shall the body be ."

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