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The day i conquered my fears!

When i was a very young child i approached my father and i asked him " Can you help me to be a good person when i grow up?"I don't want to do any harm or even worse , end up in jail ". " You have to do that yourself " he replied solemnly " Nobody can make you become a good person . Just do your best " .

(Why going to jail was even on the mind of a very young child i have no idea . Nevertheless , years later , it was still my greatest fear , being locked up!

I sat at the feet of the wonderful Dr Heiko Schoning at Hyde Park ,London feeling honoured and lucky to hear what he had to say. He was there representing thousands of doctors all access the world and i knew this was a speech to make history.

He had only just begun to talk when someone ran towards us and shouted " They're arresting people . You need to go ".

I was just about to get up but something stopped me ..I could hear a voice in my mind telling me " DO NOT MOVE..DO NOT RUN AWAY .Because if you do , you'll be running forever!"Those words sent chills down my spine. I wanted to get out of there as quick as i could.

But, i was doing nothing wrong , just sitting on a bench listening to free speech. "What is wrong with that ?"i asked myself.

All of a sudden around forty military police were starting at me . I could see their eyes , looking at mine.

My feet felt like magnets were literally pulling my very core into the ground. Something which i call " The Force " Or the "Super conscious " , something else had taken over.

A sort of " defiance " rose in me and i was going to stand my ground against all odds! The famous story of the brave Rosa Parks entered my mind and the fact that she refused to move to the back of a bus when she was confronted. She was an African American and at that time this was not allowed . You could not sit at the front of the bus .That was reserved for the whites.

So there i was , clutching the hand of my daughter tightly thinking to myself " Uh-oh you've done it now Sarah. You're going to be arrested". There was no going back.

The military police were directly in front of me and i had no idea whatsoever what was in store for me .

The order was given and the Military Police charged at us full on in riot gear. We braced ourselves for impact and very strangely the military troops swerved to my right , directly towards poor Dr Heiko leaving us completely untouched.

I had confronted my biggest fear. That was it. There was no going back now. I felt like i could take on the world. Full of adrenaline we left that place and Dr Heiko was humiliatingly dragged away . The crowd dispersed , some following the doctor to the police van where he was cuffed.

We were still being shouted at by the MP there , But i STILL refused to budge. I was determined.

Later on we had a discussion with a young officer there . He was so young , He just looked a bit dazed and

confused. I looked him in the eye and said " You don't want to be here , do you "? He shook his head .

I said "This isn't what you signed up for either , is it"? Again he shook his head.

I learned something vital that day. Face your fears and conquer them. You will always be protected.

Do the right thing. Otherwise you will never know what might have been!

What are your worst fears ? Have you the courage to face them yet? Do the right thing.

What's the worst that can happen?

The link below is a video taken, we are in the background sitting at Dr Heiko Schoening's side.

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