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If I could change the world ..

If I could change the world ..

I would make everybody see themselves as they truly are : Powerful , eternal beings.

So loved . So special. So great.

I love my job as a quantum healing hypnotherapist . If people only knew what i have

seen happen in my sessions . People changing before my very eyes . Enjoying the heady

bliss of relaxation . I see how beautiful they look and how their face glows when they are

"under ".

I take people to places most never knew existed. Oftentimes its a beach , a forest or occasionally a battlefield! Some have even landed on another planet !

The "Subconscious " or the Higher Self or even The Force which Created you . Whatever name you give them they've told us they will answer us and even facilitate healing the body, if it is appropriate . I've never been denied access to the Subconscious . They know the practitioner's intentions and will simply not cooperate with an individual who's intentions are questionable.

The subconscious that we deal with is unlike the one often referred to by psychotherapists.

They deal with the " Childish " part of the mind . The part we are dealing with seems separate from us , and yet is an integral part of us . This consciousness cares for us deeply and will protect us at any cost even during the session. I am often asked whether a client will see or hear something which may cause them any harm or distress . This is impossible as you are only given the relevant , important information that you are ready to assimilate . In other words, you're only given what you can handle. This is important .

Indeed , i have had a client go to a past life , straight onto the battlefield. Paul was his name.This gentle man told me his life story and was very curious about the therapy. The night before the session, i tuned into Paul and to my surprise the pen seemed to take a life of it's own in my hand.

I listened and listened . I wrote and wrote. "Battle Of The Somme" , they said . "What "? i thought to myself. "Just write it down " i heard a voice say. O.k. So , i kept on writing and writing till my hand ached. Page after page after page .More and more information flowing. "Wow , what an interesting life " I thought. "Wonder what he'll make of this " ? i thought to myself.

At this point , all four of our children entered the room . Quietly at first , sitting on the bed . All of a sudden they're play fighting , brawling and making a raucous noise. " Shhhh " i said . " I'm listening "! "To what "? my son said . "Them " i answered , and pointed to the ceiling. At which point All four children looked up with a bewildered look on their faces and said " There's nobody there " ! We all fell about laughing as children really do take everything quite literally.

" Nurse " I heard the voice say . " He will never find her . She's one of US " . To say that i was

totally confused at this point was an understatement ! O.k well I had enough to go on , so i

thought. And i went to bed looking forward to meeting Paul the next day.

Paul turned up a few minutes early , bubbling with excitement. I invited him into the room

and we hit it off immediately. The conversation quickly turned to his childhood and how he

had been quite ill. This was very traumatic for him and he told me his mother was asked to

leave the hospital bed for some reason and being so young he felt very vulnerable.

Except for one special person. He didn't know her name , he just called her " The Nurse ".

I almost fell off my chair and showed him the notes i'd prepared the previous night.

He was very shocked and began to cry. This is always a good sign as it means that they

are releasing the trauma and the healing can begin.

Paul went on to tell me that he had in fact tried to find out who she was and was even

talking to his therapist about it who advised him that he was probably just projecting

something onto her and could even be a figment of his imagination.

Later on , under hypnosis he asked who she was. " She's your guide Paul " the Subconscious

replied. I can't imagine how it must have felt looking for this special lady and also nobody

believing she even existed. Well, she did.

" Soldier !Soldier ! Soldier !" was the next line scribbled on the top of my notes and i

was curious as to whether Paul believed in past lives. " If you do believe in them , and you

don't have to....what do you think you were Paul "? " A soldier " he replied . I had to show him what i'd written . This was too much just to be coincidence ( which i don't believe in anyway ) . I believe what's meant to be is meant to be .

This REALLY MEANT something to him and he put his head in his hands . " They wouldn't

believe me . Nobody ever believed me ..but i knew , I KNEW it " he cried.

I knew something was definitely occurring and we both just looked at each other wondering

what on earth was happening . But he was overjoyed.

It seems that ever since Paul was a young boy he told his mother " I am NOT a little boy,

i'm a soldier " . His mother even talked to the doctor about this and was advised he'd

grow out of his " Dillusion " at some point.

"Do you know which battle you were in "? i asked him. " No " he eagerly replied as if

KNOWING that i was going to tell him. " Battle Of The Somme .. does that ring a bell " ?

" Oh my gosh .You won't believe this , but i've just written a song . It's called guessed

it Battle Of The Somme ".

There were far too many facts coming out at this session for there to be any doubt

or coincidences that this man had been here in other lives many times before.

Paul did see himself in battle , but i studied his face and judging by the look on it i asked if he'd seen enough . The scene dramatically changed just a split second before i was about to change

the scene for him. You see , i am always looking out for these things however the Subconscious WILL change the scene for the client if it becomes too much. Proving that the best interest not to mention safety of the client is paramount.

Paul was suffering with eczema his entire life and wanted to get rid of it in the session.

Very often the way in which the client died in the past life can actually cross over into this

one. We always look for the answers in this present life first. If we can't find out we will

look at past lives. I'm often asked " Will i go into a past life , or a future life . A parallel life

or even my own childhood or the healing place " ? The straight answer is that I don't know.

But what i do know is that the higher self / subconscious will take the client to the exact

place that they need to see. I do believe it's all arranged carefully by them in advance.

Paul saw that he was set on fire . He was trying to save one of his " brothers " . He became

very emotional , and quite understandably . I asked if that was how he died from the burns.

" No " he said . " O.k " ..he went on to say that a vehicle or a wagon had fallen on him." And

that's how you died then "? I asked " No " . Hmmm. He was shot in the leg ." So you're now

dead "? i asked getting more and more interested . How much did this poor man endure.

" Oh, a bomb just exploded " he said ." So , NOW you're dead " ? (finally ) . " Yes , i am "

he said almost triumphantly. It's important to see how the client died in that life as this

can impact this one. I asked Paul what he had learned from seeing that life (as there is

always a reason for the subconscious to show it to us ). He replied " We were tricked

into fighting . There was no need. Most of us died. We were brothers . I came back to

tell people that peace is the only way. I hate war ".

I did see Paul one more time since the session was performed. He looked great as

he approached me , hand outstretched to shake my hand. I asked him how he was .

" Oh fantastic " he replied . His skin was glowing in the sun. Looking very cool in his

summer shades. He looked like one very happy man.

" I'll never ever forget that session for the rest of my life till the day I die " he said.

" It will remain dear to my heart . Thank you " .

One more happy soul on this planet . Not only did he get some healing , he was

understood and BELIEVED by someone for the first time in his life.

A few weeks later i received an e-mail thanking me again for the session and

in it was a very cute picture . It was a little boy dressed all in red as a soldier with

a toy gun. It had the caption. Paul , age 5 . He added that his mother was forced to

make this costume for him to get him to stop begging her and to make her son happy.

He did look so happy. I have still kept that picture to this day.

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