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Technique Overview

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Welcome to one of the most censored therapists on the planet right now ! All reviews are being removed by Google . We must be doing something right right now !


Review :

“As a surgeon, I’ve witnessed therapy outcomes …  Never though have I seen nor been blessed by anything like Sarah and the team she summoned… There’s not a remote chance you’d believe the possible background to my physical complaints as it was shown to me during the hypnosis session. All (physical complaints) gone, immediately after that session. I’m in aw. I’m in aw. I’m in aw" - Surgeon , (see Google Review).

"Sarah's sessions and David Icke's knowledge, what a great powerhouse combination!"
- Bobbie Tennant on Google Reviews.

"Using Quantum Hypno provided me deep insight and healing I was unable to find anywhere else. Sarah is an extraordinary healer & seriously powerful person. I can attest to her credibility if you have been experiencing & suffering from intense psychological trauma for several years which you need strong guidance & clarity in order to understand, learn & recover from."

- Karan Sandhu on Google Reviews.

This is the review they took down from Google . Enjoy ! :

Phenomenal!! This is the real deal! Sarah Jane Smith is truly


gifted and such a beautiful being. We connected immediately, as


if we were old and dear friends, and our entire session was over


Zoom! My Quantum Hypno session with her is a GAME


CHANGER! Sarah helped me to discover for myself EXACTLY


what was in the way of manifesting my exciting & ambitious


goals. She is patient and took the time needed to get insights


that were hidden in my subconscious and beyond. After our




made two very important sales during the hypnosis! Thank you,



Get out of the trap and  jump off the wheel of Karma by Sarah Jane Smith as featured on David Icke

"If the body is strong so shall the soul be .
If the soul is strong so shall the body be ."

Sarah Jane Smith © 2021

What is hypnosis ? 

The deepest form of relaxation combined with deep focus. 

No other modality usually can obtain this . Hypnosis is unique in this way and you are always fully in control.

Every single person is unique and therefore will have a completely different experience of being "Under".

Discover this for yourself today by booking a one off session of Quantum Healing Hypnosis with me.

A bespoke hypnosis session to heal body and mind:

  • Deep Healing

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Past Life Regression

  • Can Help With Any Illness, Emotional Trauma and Substance Abuse

  • Fantastic Results For Weight Loss

  • Life-changing Results

  • Only One Session Required


"Absolutely mind blowing.."

"Incredible value .."

Sarah Jane Smith

Quantum Healing Therapist
with many years experience in
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). 

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