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Surrogate Hypnotherapy in person

In person surrogate session on behalf of a loved one in Surbiton or Cobham, UK (details below)

  • 4 hours
  • 850 British pounds
  • Ewell Road

Service Description

Deep Healing for your loved one through you - within your own home environment. This is very suitable if your loved one is a young child, or cannot do the session for health reasons. The session will be about you and also your loved one too. It is important to have the permission of your loved one first and they want healing/answers (if they are over 16). The session will then turn to asking questions and healing for your loved one. This is a full session in person and includes the time needed before and after the hypnosis. Pricing is per session which takes a minimum of four hours. (The session may take longer depending on how much you need to achieve. But we would never charge you any extra). Please note , the SURBITON CLINIC is currently available for 10am start on MON, WED, FRI only with no time to overrun the 4 hour time slot in the afternoon. If you prefer to do it at your hotel and you feel you need longer to discuss the issues, please book yourself a room at the Premier Inn Cobham or Hilton Cobham to hold the session there. This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session is completely confidential and is proven successful judging by the feedback from all of our clients . You will bring a list of questions that matter most for you in your life currently. You will be able to ask your Higher Self for solutions - and you will be surprised how accurate it will be and how much it will initiate drive and hope in all the cells of your body. The session includes: - Getting to know you - Reviewing your Questions - Induction to the Hypnosis Process - Actual Hypnosis (1-2 hours) - Past-life / Parallel-life regressions - Conversation with Higher Self - Body Scan - Quantum Healing through the activation of the energies of your own body and mind - Deep questions about your existence with Higher Self (SC) - Re-entering your body - Conscious-self to wake up - Conversation about the process - Digital recording of the hypnosis

Contact Details

  • Revive Physiotherapy, Ewell Road, Surbiton, UK

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